Thursday, July 12, 2018

Watershed sampling by teacher externs- Summer 2018.

Three watersheds of Lakeside Laboratory were studied in the summer of 2018.  The watersheds that drain into Little Millers Bay and Millers Bay were analyzed at the mouth and upstream.  Little Millers Bay was also analyzed.

The location of the collection site can be seen on this map. MAP

Many field and laboratory tests were ran on the sites.  The results were graphed.  GRAPHS

For our final report of findings, you can find it here. 

To see all the collected data including lake levels and collection times and dates, click here. 

Click here or use the link on the header (Lakeside Laboratory Watershed Survey) for more information.

This data and analysis was completed by 2018 summer externs, Megan Bezdicek and Joann Kenny.

Megan and Joann sampling from the canoe on Little Millers Bay. 
Megan taking a water sample at Site 3 mouth. 
Joann placing an aquatic invertebrate sampler at Site 3 mouth.